Terms and Conditions Whale Shark Tours

If no whale sharks are sighted during the trip you will be reimbursed 50%.

When there are less than 5 whale sharks and there are many boats, it will only be possible to see them from the boat as per regulations. This is to ensure the care of and respect for the whale sharks. We will continue searching to find more whale sharks so that you can experience swimming with these beautiful animals.

Alcohol is not permitted onboard and customers will not be able to bring your own alcohol on to the boat, as established in the 2014 Whale Shark Management plan.

It is important to know if any client has any illness or disability that might require special attention. If you are pregnant it is important to notify us when making the reservation as well as the crew when you board. We travel approximately 20 miles from shore and the water can become choppy. If you decide to take the tour it is at your own risk but we will do everything we can to ensure you are comfortable. We strongly recommend you speak with your doctor to ensure there are no problems.

The use of aerial drones or propulsion devices in water is not permitted for the safety of tourists and whale sharks. This is indicated in the 2017 Whale Shark Management Plan.

The use of the lifejacket is mandatory by regulation. You may bring your own neoprene suit or rent one with us so that your time in the water will be more comfortable.

Cancellation Policy Whale Shark Tours

This tour is subject to date changes in case the weather is bad, if the client can not change the date we will refund your money.

If the customer does not appear at the agreed meeting point, for transportation to the boat, the total charge will be applied for (NO SHOW) since the reserved space can not be sold at the last minute.

Any change or cancellation to your reservation must be requested at least 48 hours before the tour date. Please provide the following information. (Name of the person who booked the tour and ID number of your invoice).

If the change or cancellation is not made in